Green Slice organic vegan cheese

Read about the history of genever

Flemish Lion LLC is the publisher of "Genever: 500 Years of History in a Bottle", the first and only English written book on this topic.


Organic Vegan Cheese

Available in Classic, Mozzabella and Bell Pepper Jack.

Great tasting


Green Slice is made in Belgium from organic goodness. All our foods are meat free, diary free, soy free and organic


Organic Vegetarian Hot Dogs

Indulge in the savory taste reminiscent premium quality hot dogs.

Bottled by hand in earthenware jugs

Diep9 Genever is bottled by hand in handcrafted, original earthenware jugs which are still being found in old shipwrecks.  

Legendary classic cocktail ingredient

If you were having a cocktail party in the 1800s you were shaking up genever cocktails; a true statement to its quality and versatility as a spirit. ​​

Superlative ingredients, Quintessential taste

Double distilled in a copper pot still from rye, wheat, and malted barley.




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Organic Vegetarian Deli Slices

Available in Veggeroni, Mixed Garden, Pistachio, and Applewood Smoked.

Green Slice organic veggie dogs
Green Slice organic vegetarian deli slices


small-batch spirit

of provenance

Diep9 Genever delivers an award-winning taste truly characteristic of its country of origin.

Veronique Beittel, founder & owner of Flemish Lion LLC.


From her teenage years, Veronique Beittel, born and raised in East-Flanders, Belgium, has had a passion for her country's traditional spirit, genever. After college, Veronique relocated to the US in 2002, starting a career in Trade and Marketing with Fortune 500 companies. Unable to find her beloved spirit in the US, Veronique quit her job to found Flemish Lion LLC, America's first importing company of Belgian Genever, tucked away in Vermont.

In 2013, Veronique's book Genever: 500 Years of History in a Bottle was published, sharing her passion in the hope that others will come to appreciate genever as she has.

Since living in the Vermont Green Mountains, Veronique started to see not just the greenery but the very elixir of life that the plant world has given us. She changed the way she thinks about food, and abandoned the idea that you have to meat every day. That's when Green Slice, a meat substitute was added to her import portfolio to make a plant based diet more accessible for anyone.

Smakelijk and Gezondheid!